Artisanal hand-crafted small-batch locally-sourced bespoke website

Write a three-page website entirely by hand.

Quantitative evaluation (7 points)

One point will be earned for completing each of the following:

  • Sensibly named files
  • Properly formatted HTML and CSS (indented code, etc.)
  • A minimum of three pages, all linked together so that the user can always reach any other page from any given page.
  • All CSS in an external stylesheet
  • Use of semantic div tags styled with css to organize content
  • Each page must contain at least one image, appropriately sized
  • Implements accessibility best practices

Qualitative evaluation (3 points)

These points are earned by demonstrating a high overall level of quality. Ways you may earn these points include:

  • Attention to typography (Google Fonts, typographic scale, typeface pairings, etc.)
  • Overall aesthetics
  • Use of advanced CSS visual presentation techniques (CSS graphics, animations, BĂ©zier curves, etc.)
  • Use of responsive web design principles

Submit by uploading to

(Download the entire file structure for your NMI Portfolio here and then upload to the root of your domain.)