Being a Brackets power user

Brackets power 😉

There’s using Brackets, and then there’s using Brackets.

Find and replace

Using find-and-replace takes out the brunt of the work when it comes to swapping code:

  1. command + F …to find
  2. command + G …to find next/previous
  3. control + shift + F …to find in files
  4. control + H
  5. alt + command + F …to replace
  6. control + shift + up
  7. alt + shift + command + F …replace in files

Syntax highlighting


Yet another standard feature of Brackets, this keeps your code organized in different colors. Can you IMAGINE how horrible it would be if you just had to stare at a page of just black text…?

Eh…something like that.

Disclosure triangle hide / show

Now you see it…now you don’t.

The disclosure triangle just hides your code for the sake of shortening your page. When you need it, make it visible again. It’s unbelievably easy.

Find opening / closing tags

The <head> , <meta> , and <title> tags are opening tags.

The </head> , </meta> , and </title> tags are closing tags.

Split view

Using the boxed arrows button next to “Working Files” in the top left of your screen, you can open more than one file at once and edit them both. Fantastic.