Course software

We’ll use the following tools, all of them free and cross-platform, in this course. Be sure they’re installed on your personal computer in addition to the class


  • Google Chrome– I actually prefer Safari for my day-to-day browser, but for web development, Chrome is tops. Make sure it’s your default, at least on your lab computer.

Text Editor

  • Brackets– A great open source text editor from Adobe (weird, I know). Most relevantly for this class, includes syntax highlighting and good preview tools, but a lot of other nice stuff, too.


  • Cyberduck– Weirdly, you pay for this tool in the Mac App Store, but you can still download it for free straight from their website.

File Sync

  • Dropbox – There are other file syncing services out there, and if you’re comfortable / already invested in one of them, go for it. Otherwise, Dropbox really is pretty great.