• Establish a site for your NMI Portfolio
  • Create the portion of your portfolio for this class (NMIX 4110: New Media Production)


Broadly, your NMI Portfolio should present a clear, compelling look at the work you’ve done to earn your certificate. If done well, your NMI portfolio should be something you’re excited to share with potential employers1. A few considerations:


  • Link to your portfolio (or host it at!) yoursite.com
  • If your NMI portfolio lives within a broader online portfolio:
    • Be sure that the NMI portfolio is its own clearly marked section.
    • Each page in your NMI portfolio section must be easily navigated to from any other page in the NMI portfolio section.
    • It’s up to you how publicly (or not) to feature your NMI portfolio section on your site. While I of course hope you’re super-proud of your NMI coursework, I understand if you would rather highlight other material on your landing page, navigation, etc. All I need is a URL.


  • Visuals visuals visuals! Don’t just link to a website you’ve made—share a screenshot of that site that links to it instead, etc.
  • Throughout, don’t simply list what you’ve learned / completed (“I learned how to use Bootstrap 4.0”). Instead, focus on:
    • The application (“I learned how to quickly build responsive websites using front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap 4.0”)
    • The transferable skills and concepts (“I learned how to explore documentation for a large framework” or “I learned how to customize off-the-shelf frameworks”)
    • Your specific process of learning these skills (“I struggled at first to understand how to combine multiple CSS classes to achieve the results I wanted, but once I  grasped that concept, it enabled me to build exactly the site I envisioned.”)

Main / Landing Page

  • The main / landing page will concisely summarize your work toward the certificate as a whole. It should probably contain a few selected visuals, links, etc. that you’d like to feature drawn from all of your courses, as well as clear, obvious links to your work in each class you’ve taken for the certificate.
  • Thus, it follows that each upper-level class you’ve taken to complete the certificate should have its own page that’s easily navigated to from any other page on the site.

Course Pages

  • Each course page should have a short introductory paragraph or two summarizing the major learnings / projects from the class
  • You are not required to post or feature every project or assignment from the class, but you almost certainly should include your final project as well as most of the major projects
  • Include anything else you think might be helpful!


  • Rough draft due in class Wednesday 4/18
  • Final portfolio due:
    • 11:15: Fri., April 27, 12-3pm
    • 1:25: Wed., May 2, 12-3pm
    • 2:30: Fri., April 27, 3:30-6:30pm


10 points

7 quantitative points:

  • Portfolio clearly linked to from yoursite.com
  • Portfolio contains certificate-wide landing page
  • Portfolio contains course-specific page
  • All portfolio pages easily accessible from all portfolio pages
  • Writing on site is clear, concise, and well-edited
  • Writing transcends simple itemized listing of skills learned / projects completed
  • Site leverages visuals whenever possible and appropriate

3 qualitative points

  1. and maybe also your mom