WordPress Variety Pack

Due: 3/9

Create three separate WordPress installs on your server. Then, use a different theme on each install to create:

  • A simple app site
  • An e-commerce site
  • A news publication


  • Each install should be done in a separate folder inside yourdomain.com/nmi/4110/project-three. Example:
    • project-three/app
    • project-three/commerce
    • project-three/news
  • At the root of your project-three folder should be an extremely simple index.html linking to each of the three sites


  • Each site is worth 3.25 points1 and will be evaluated on the following criteria
    • Appropriateness of theme to site purpose
    • Intelligent use of WordPress features (plugins, widgets, etc.)
    • Overall quality of execution

Site specific details:

  • App site
    • This should be the simplest of your sites, maybe even close to a one-pager
    • Focus on sharp design, CTA (“Download now!”), etc.
  • E-commerce site
    • You don’t need to build an entire store, but there should be a homepage, a page listing multiple products, and a product detail page
  • News publication
    • As with the e-commerce site, I’d like to see a home page with multiple stories (posts, not pages, of course!) and one or two story pages fleshed out

  1. If you do the math, you’ll note that 3 x 3.25 = 9.75, which is, obviously, .25 less than 100. We’ll give you the last .25 for free. 🙃