It’s only the world’s leading CMS…

In the big, bright, beautiful world of websites and web development, WordPress is something of a powerhouse. The most popular content management system powers roughly a quarter of the world’s websites, focusing on relative ease of use.

Basically, anyone can develop with WordPress.

.org versus .com

There is a difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com. It all comes down to who is hosting your site.

With WordPress.org, you’re in charge of your own domain and hosting service, such as Reclaim Hosting or GoDaddy, and then you download the WordPress application. It’s a one-click installation process that makes WordPress free, and you have unlimited range of customization for plugins and themes. Additionally, you have access to back-end code.

For WordPress.com, WordPress actually takes care of the hosting for you. While you can’t upload plugins and you don’t have access to back-end code, you can still choose from templates. The basic plan is free, but you’ll need to pay up to access additional features.